New Economy Coalition: Sample Projects for Membership Director Application

Because of the nature of the position I’ve decided the best project sample would be a series online conferences I did in 2014 and 2015.   These were from a large online group I co-founded called “Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed & Small Business” and used Google Hangout technology.

These online meetings were organized under the branding “Small Business Coffee Break” – where people could talk about whatever they wanted and “Let’s Talk About” – a moderated, topic based discussion.  I have included samples from both here but don’t expect anyone to watch more than a few minutes of any of these.

These online meetings were informal but since this is a remote position I thought this was best because it shows me interacting with different kinds of people and more or less being my “real self’ in that environment. This is just a representative selection and just a quick perusal should give you an idea of what we were doing. More of these meetings can be found on this Youtube Channel.