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Persuasive written communication is critical to the success of your business. Regardless of the form it takes, it needs to effectively communicate a message and put your business in the best possible light. Most smaller businesses don’t have the time or staff for all their writing projects, so we have put together some affordable services that include:

  • Business Writing. Production of business plans, client proposals, user guides, white papers, press releases and even ebooks. Concisely written web copy for landing pages and direct response email messages that need a strong “call to action”.
  • Content Writing. Creation of social media posts, blog posts, and long form articles. These can be on almost any topic in business or technology in almost any industry. Thorough research conducted on all projects and material produced is 100 percent original and properly cited and sourced. This material will help enhance your company’s reputation as an industry expert, and help you attract and engage potential customers.
  • Content Marketing. Deploying the content so that it gets used to its maximum effectiveness in attracting potential customers. Ensuring that the content communications with customers and prospects without selling, but with the goal of driving profitable action. Development of a content strategy and manual or automated publishing schedules. Using content to build a relationship with these prospective customers to ensure their business and long term loyalty.
  • Collaborative Writing. Coordination of writing projects with more than one author. Many writing and documentation projects require working with remote staff or even a team effort. We can work with any level of collaboration and support a full range of collaboration styles – from light to heavy. .

Do you have planned or unfinished writing projects? Almost every business does. Why don’t you take the first step and get them started? Give your business the professional image it deserves. Please take a moment and let us know about your business and needs on our contact form.

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