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Rebecca QuinnRebecca Quinn is a small business development consultant with a passion for helping others succeed.   She specializes in operational planning and marketing strategies for small business.  Rebecca has a Master’s degree in organizational management and is currently in the final stages of earning a PhD in Business Administration.  Her business is based in Los Angeles where she is well respected in small business community.


Heather BondHeather Bond is a business coach and online marketing expert who loves helping others develop effective business strategies.   She works at the interface of technology and psychology and is an expert in neurolinguistic programming – a technique for accelerated learning which she uses to help her clients design the lives and business they truly want.  Heather and her company, Excellence Addicts” are based in London, United Kingdom and serve a global clientele

Jason Krumpt.Jason Krumpt is an international business consultant and advisor, with successful experience in management consulting, business development, finance, sales and marketing.  He is currently building partnerships with finance and real estate groups for a foreign exchange services provider and operates his own consulting practice.   Jason is passionate about technology entrepreneurship and has been involved in numerous start-up ventures.  His company, Accelerate Partners is based in San Francisco and operates globally.

Denise Dukette is a specialist in administrative streamlining and productivity enhancement.    She is the owner of Out of of the Office, a virtual administrative organization based in rurla Vermont but with clients all over the U.S.  She loves to help solopreneurs and small business owners with the difficult task of getting organized.

Jessie Dean ClarkJessie is a website designer who is always on the lookout for innovative technologies that really help small business.   His company, uShine Technologies, is based in Phoenix, but serves customers worldwide.  Jessie comes from a background in teaching, and is particularly astute at understanding customer needs.

Aleta Curry is a business owner with a special interest in creative and art related startups. Along with her husband Martin, she owns a number of brands in the fine arts and antique business and they are promoters of a nation-wide series of antique trade fairs throughout Australia. Having bootstrapped several businesses herself, Aleta understands the pragmatic side of business and the best way to use your own skills and those of others to grow your business.

rob small headshotRob Gordon, founder of Action Planing Associates, is a project and program manager who has worked on projects in almost every industry including software, financial services, infrastructure, manufacturing and startups. He takes a “systems approach” to client projects and loves helping new companies develop strategy and finding their own unique path to success.