Small Business Services Providers

Do you offer services related to small business or entrepreneurial development?   If so, we would love to hear from you.   Action Planning Associates operates as a professional services cooperative.    Our partners and associates work cooperatively to help our clients and market our services.

This offers great benefits to our associates.   Many are solopreneurs themselves and sometimes have situations  where they could use a little help from other professionals.   Other times, the make great business contacts but know they can’t provide the kind of services needed.   In both these cases, the associates wants to make sure their business referral is professionally managed.  Usually they retain an interest in the client – they don’t want to just pass on a referral and walk away.

Action Planning Associates provides an organization and platform to allow you to effectively support your clients, while still allowing you complete independence.   Our platform provides incentives for finding new clients, and for cooperating with other associates on marketing efforts.   We meet frequently by video conference to discuss business strategy, how to better serve our existing clients and marketing plans for getting new great clients.


Naturally, we are a little selective in taking on new associates.   We want our clients to get the best small business has to offer so we are on the lookout for small business advisers with solid real world experience and one or more specialty areas.   Let us know if you think this might fit what you and your clients need.