Services – summary


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Project Management

We provide on demand project management and planning services. This means that there is no need to hire expensive project managers for your organization and instead you use the project management services that you need when you need them. We can help you stay on top of your virtual team members and outside contractors – including international staff, making sure these personal are properly managed and coordinated. Our services take a high level view of your project or venture- using proven brainstorming techniques for discover ways to improve your process and make things go more quickly but we also know the importance of detailed planning.

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Project Scheduling

We used advanced planning and team scheduling tools to organize, coordinate and help manage your projects. This approach allows you to focus exclusively on your business while we provide an outside team to develop realistic plans and schedules, and it provides an early warning system for potential roadblocks or delays to your project. This means that company and contract staff will be managed much more effectively with less cost and fewer conflicts, helping saving you money and completing your projects much more quickly.

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Personal Productivity

As your accountability partner, we use planning and technology tools to manage your tasks, scheduling and deadlines. We realize that the life of an entrepreneur doesn’t end at 5:00 and the line between business life and personal life is blurry. We’re here to help you succeed!

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Business Strategy

Strategizing, streamlining, and success. We take the time to listen to your needs, goals and current processes. Then, and only then, do we assist you in further defining your goals, updating your business plan and brainstorming ways to become more efficient.

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Project Documentation

We can also produce and manage your project documentation – a critical component in any well managed project. This can include the production and management of collaborative documents with more than one author, which is often a part of an effective planning process. The documents we produce are highly readable and effectively communicate business or technical concepts. These include, but are not limited to: conceptual plans, business plans, functional descriptions, technical specifications and user guides.