Project Management

An important success driver for small business is effective project management. In the broadest sense, “project management” means your entire planning system including personal productivity, task scheduling, team planning, project planning, and even strategic planning. There are some fantastic tools and applications now for planning now – and the new cloud-based integration services (IFTTT, Zapier, etc) means you can have several applications working in a coordinated manner. It is now possible to build an amazing planning system regardless of the size of your business.

With out any doubt – the better you do at these planning activities the better your business will do, but many small business owners simply don’t have the time. It is hard to know where to get started – there are so many systems out there, and you want something that will reduce your workload, not give you more work.

We’re here to help. Starting from our understanding of your business, we will recommend what we believe will be the most effective planning system for you – or, if you already have one, we will work to make it better. We will also help with the planning itself – especially the startup scheduling and getting your projects initially organized to the point where you can easily take it over. Specifically, we can help with the following:

  • Review existing planning systems
  • Organize and integrate planning applications
  • Produce initial (bottom up) task schedules
  • Produce initial (top down) project schedules
  • Produce initial project documentation.
  • Coordinate remote teams
  • Conduct project status reviews

Some of these services might have seems too sophisticated for smaller businesses just a few years ago, but now they can be provided at an affordable cost, and will give your business a big competitive edge. Please let us know a bit more about your business and planned projects, or phone, email or message us if you have any questions.