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Writing-IconMost companies have unfinished documentation or technical writing projects.   While these projects can be critically important, they are often a distraction that keeps engineers and other staff from doing what they do best.   As a result they are often put on the back burner and the business suffers as a result.

Sometimes companies deal with this by adding  another full time tech writer to their staff,  This is a risky and expensive commitment that may not work out.  Other times companies hire a freelance or temporary tech writer – but this approach is not without its problems either,   The learning curve for tech writing projects can be steep and a single worker – no matter how good, might not have the right skills or knowledge to get these projects over the finish line.

There is a better way.  Why not hire a whole team of tech writers to tackle your project?    That’s what we do.  We’re a group of tech writers  with lots of experience in different industries who have formed a cooperative to take on challenging tech writing projects.   The work we can do for you includes, but is not limited to:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Manuals & User Guides
  • Process Documentation
  • Technical Specifications
  • Requirements Analysis.

Perhaps more importantly, we know how to collaborate – both with members of our team but also with you and your staff.   Even on projects where little has been written we can find and document the plans and ideas that have been discussed, and with the roughest of rough drafts we can greatly enhance your work.

Please consider of for one of those thankless or annoying documentation projects you have  been putting off.  We can get started today!

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