Trust – Accountability – Transparency

Without trust, accountability and transparency, remote teams fail to meet a client’s needs. Period. Reporting and status updates keep clients apprised of their tasks, while also keeping team members on task. Being transparent ensures that there is a progression, an act of moving forward, and that all parties acknowledge and are involved.


There are many platforms available for project management, such as our preferred tool Asana. Asana’s straight forward streamlined UI, allows multiple users to join in on a project and collaborate. This includes the option to include clients into the work-stream and keep work transparent and accountable.

To fine tune their project management system, the folks at Asana went live with the integration to Harvest time tracking to add a further element of accountability to project management on Thursday. Asana’s generous free plan allows for teams of 14 or less, and tiered pricing for 15+ members. The solo price for a Harvest account is $12/month for up to three uses with unlimited clients, projects and invoicing.

Combining time tracking to an established, easy to use project management tool, Asana’s team is working hard to continually improve tier product and we are proud to be users.

About Project Acceleration Services:

At PAS, we provide on demand project management, scheduling and documentation services. Eliminate your need to hire expensive project managers for your organization and instead you use the project management services that you need when you need them. Contact us today for a consultation!