Should You Outsource Large Freelance Projects?

We often dream of landing a big project – the one big project can result in a steady income, great exposure and even an opportunity to refine some of yours skills. The downside is that you may end up with a project that is too big for you to manage, though you should not turn down any projects because of this. Before you start negotiating for a new deadline or a reduced scope, you should consider bringing in acceleration team to do certain tasks and to assist you to keep you on task.

Negotiating for a longer deadline, or even a reduction of the work, is not the best approach. This can lead to client doubts of your ability and commitment to the project, canceling your contract and using another source instead. Outsourcing or subcontracting certain aspects of the project make perfect sense since you remain in control of the total project, without having to resort to working extra long hours and ultimately burning yourself out.

Nonetheless, there are certain points for you to consider whenever you bring in an acceleration team:

  • Inform your client. If you are bringing in a team to assist you meet your goals for your client, let them know. Clients are usually quite happy to have you subcontract certain parts of the project, as long as they are informed. Reassure the client that you remain in control and will be overseeing all aspects of the project.
  • Use a trusted acceleration team. The obvious choice is to use someone you know, that way you can personally vouch for their skill and reliability. It is for this reason that you should always network amongst your peers, not just potential clients. If you cannot outsource to someone you know, call on your peers for referrals – individuals they know, or have worked with, and trust.
  • Draw up a contract. You and your client would have signed a contract addressing all the details of the project, and you should do the same with anyone you outsource work to. This ensures you both have a written agreement that covers responsibilities, terms and deliverables.
  • Be a great client. Once you outsource any work, you become the client. You value good honest relationships with your clients, so deliver the same to you acceleration team. Pay promptly, respond to queries and, most of all, treat each other with respect.
  • Clear communication. Communication is how tasks get done quickly. Unclear communication often leads to delays or mistakes. Communicate expectations clearly and try to be available to your acceleration team when questions arise.
  • Tools and technology. There are a great many tools available to streamline communication and the sharing of ideas and knowledge, and you should use these to your advantage. Investigate which tools are best suited to the project you are working on, and begin introducing them to your workflow.
  • Manage and coordinate. Technology, such as Google+ Hangouts and Skype allow for video chat to schedule regular status updates to monitor progress, answer questions and to ensure that acceleration team work meets your standards. Remember, this is your project. Any work completed, represents you. Substandard will reflect on your reputation.

What are you going to do when you land your next big project? Subcontracting is not without any challenges, but it is certainly a more feasible option that, if managed properly, won’t harm your relationship with current or potential clients.

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